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panopticpictures ‘No Rush’ Collection Inspired by Nipsey Hussle…

I came up with the ‘No Rush’ collection idea while watching an interview Nipsey Hussle was doing with Elliot Wilson on the Rap Radar Podcast. Nipsey was asked a question along the lines of how did he stay grounded while maneuvering through his career on his way up to new levels, even when other rappers who came out at the same time as him may seen to be more ‘successful’ than him. Nipsey responded with an answer (paraphrasing) that he stayed true to his morals, true to his vision, true to what he knew he could accomplish with the abilities God blessed him with. He mentioned how on his rise to being a rap star that there was ‘no rush’, when you rush that’s when you sign bad deals, when you rush that’s when you miss out on opportunities, when you rush you don’t cherish the path that you’ve been selected to be on. Nipsey also mentioned that in life you’re going to get to where you want to be if you stay dedicated, work hard, keep your vision, and stay grounded until its your time to rise. This answer inspired my new ‘No Rush’ collection, as a reminder that in life we all deal with pressures of society, however, there is no rush. That doesn’t mean slack, or take things for granted, or just wait until something happens in your life. It’s a reminder that while going through life enjoy it, there’s no rush, you will get to where you want to be in life, just have faith in God, stay true to your vision/goals, and stay dedicated even when bad days come. So I truly appreciate those who support the ‘No Rush’ collection, as with all the collections from the panopticpictures brand!