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We try our best at giving life to any panoramic picture using the best and most advanced available technologies. Starting today, you will never think of pictures as these boring static shots.


The Architect's Medium

Architects have always relied heavily on photography. Architects in addition depend on a high degree of photographic precision in order to faithfully reproduce the straight lines and right angles of their buildings. They have not been able to reproduce the immersive feeling of the environments they build, however, until now.

We provide architects with two possibilities: Object Movies and Immersive Panoramas. An Object Movie allows an audience to see the building from any angle, and to virtually rotate it, as if it were an object. An Immersive Panorama enables the audience to view an interior at any angle, from a single point of view.

Both Object Movies and Immersive Panoramas can be made in HDR (high dynamic range) format. The benefit of HDR format is that every level of light is recorded, from the brightest clouds to the darkest shadows.

A high dynamic range image can be "tonemapped" into an image of great tonal range (an exterior can be seen perfectly through a window). An HDR image can also be used in 3d modelling, where for example 3d objects are inserted into the image and lit according to the illumination of the scene.

Panoptic pictures provides packages starting from 5 panoramas (provided in any size and format) per location, at rates similar to traditional architectural photography. It is an excellent solution for Architects seeking an effective web- or laptop-based presentation of their work.


A Cinematic Database

Film Production companies, until now, have had to rely on static two-dimensional photographs to build an image database. In the age of digital photography, this is of course very easy, however it does not give the prospective filmmaker a flexible way to visualize different locations that are available.

Panoptic Pictures provides Film Production companies with a more valuable approach: instead of static photographs which do not give any real sense of the cinematic possibilities of a location, we can give your clients exactly what they want, namely, the ability to inspect locations from any angle. This accrues an enormous savings in cost and time, as clients can be assured that a location really does appear the way they think, having first seen it from specific points of view, in every direction.

Real estate

The Broker's Resource

The advent of panoramic photography has been a revolutionary period for the Real Estate industry. Brokers and Developers now have the opportunity to immerse anyone within the property they are selling. This technological leap has resulted in an incredible time and cost savings for the Real Estate industry. It is a simple fact that those who use panoramic photography in web-based Real Estate Sales will move properties more quickly and more easily.

Panoptic Pictures has numerous packages catered for Real Estate -- from 3 images ready to be used in a website, to a complete virtual tour (with floorplan) of every room in a building.

For pricing and details, please contact us.

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