Panopticpictures & the world of immersive panoramic pictures

We try our best at giving life to any panoramic picture using the best and most advanced available technologies. Starting today, you will never think of pictures as these boring static shots.

How can you enhance your photography skills?

Today everyone is following a stressful life style so at the end of the day we all need some peace in our mind and for this you can choose some activities as an your hobby like photography, playing online games, working out in gym etc. Commercial photographer Farr-weinfield as a professional emphasizing photography as a better option, because it takes lots of creativity and it is very easy to adopt.

Understanding the art and science of any interest is very important. Famous poker player Joe Hatchem takes photography as Hobson’s choice for him. if you are also like to take panoramic photos then you must need to take care of few things. You need to choose the golden hours of day or twilight time. For this kind of photography the camera selection is also one of major thing you need to take care. Now setup your dSLR on a solid tripod, if you have some other technical equipment like Panosaurus or Nodal Ninja it might be a better option. A panoramic head or ball head simply make the whole process easier.

Next step is to put your camera in vertical position, to help this you can use Adorama Double Bubble Level and attaches it to shoes of your camera. The best way of taking nice pictures is to switch out of auto focus mode and use manual focus mode once you have focused your lens where you want.

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